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Amount was an application created to help me learn SwiftUI. I have always been interested in the global environment and decided to create an application related to it. Thinking about the global environment is very difficult and ambiguous. People don't understand where to start. So I thought that if I could clarify something about the global environment, it would be more accessible. So I thought carbon dioxide emissions would be simple and easy to start with. The amount of carbon dioxide emissions were based on possible emissions calculated by various organizations.

The user can choose from a list of simple actions they can take in their daily life, such as reducing electricity standby time or using public transit to get to work, and then select the actions they have taken in a day. Then, on the top screen, they can identify how much they have reduced their carbon footprint based on the actions they have taken so far.

The project file of Amount on Xcode


The implementation was nothing difficult, just simple addition in a simple MVVM pattern. However, I was particular about structural design and interaction design to simplify the experience as an application. In particular, we aimed for a design and feel similar to standard iOS applications by closely following the Apple's Human Interface Guideline.

The implementation took three months, including the study of Swift and SwiftUI, but it was a very meaningful project that provided me with knowledge and an understanding of the general structure of software that I could not have gained from UI prototyping alone.

Some gifs of the actual application of Amount

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