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Jun 2023

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Apollo is a third-party Reddit client designed exclusively for iOS. It offers an authentic iOS experience, enriched with a versatile media viewer and a color-coded comment system, elevating the Reddit browsing journey. With a strong emphasis on customization, user privacy, and proactive community engagement, Apollo stands out as a preferred choice for many Reddit enthusiasts on the iOS platform.

However, Apollo, was discontinued due to major changes in Reddit's API policy in June 2023. These alterations posed challenges for third-party developers, leading to Apollo's cessation. The decision disappointed many dedicated users and highlighted the ongoing tension between platform control and supporting a diverse app ecosystem.


When I was asked to create an icon, I was requested to have a fun and cute style like Minipocket. The character for Apollo is based on an astronaut motif, and I blended the explosive feel of space with a noble yet fun vibe into one style. In fact, the image below is the only sketch for this icon creation, and I drew what I first envisioned in my mind.

The first and only sketch for the icon


After the sketch, I used Blender for modeling to ensure the light source and dimensions felt more realistic and natural. I learned this workflow a lot from this great article about the icon design workflow written by Bjango, and it went super well.

Wireframing in Blender

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