Let's make icebreaking a fun thing to do

UI design
Motion Graphics
Adobe XD


Goodparty is a RPG-like mobile application that facilitates interaction among team members of a newly started project, icebreaking so to speak. After starting GoodParty, team participants select a character and enter their own name. The first letter of each participant will be used to form the team name. The team must then combine those initials to determine their team name within a time limit, while monsters get in the way.

My Role

As a designer, I was responsible for planning, illustration, UI design, and motion graphics for the UI. The overall theme of the application was an RPG centered around a heroic character. Based on that, I provided art direction with another designer. The illustrations were done in a cartoon style with references to indie games, creating the five characters, their belongings, backgrounds, etc.

User Interface

The user interface had to be game-like, so we tried to keep it simple, basically requiring only a tap of a button and a little keyboard input until the game was finished. The application also has a scene towards the end of the game where the user actually moves the device to play, and we fine-tuned the UI for that as part of the overall experience.

Motion Graphics

Besides UI and illustration, motion graphics was another major component of the application. We tried to make each part as playful as possible, such as the speech balloons when the characters speak and the way the stars move. These pieces of work were also a great help in communicating the actual movement and the world-buidling to each team.