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Penmark is a mobile social media application for college students. With Penmark, they can share the information which connects them such as their class schedule, tips for tests, and their social life on campus. We, the team, worked on the revamp of the application and visual identity.



Jan 2021 -
Apr 2021

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Product Design
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Since the previous version was not well-organized from the standpoint of information architecture, we started off by clarifying the core objects users should interact with and the whole structure of the application, using a UML diagram-like chart below.

A part of the objects of the Penmark application.

After that, we worked on the navigation system with the reference to user scenarios. Like the previous version, the Tab-Bar style navigation was suitable in this version since there are enough objects to be interacted for the Tab Bar.

A part of the navigation structure

Wireframing and Detour

Since the projects was a bit large in scale, we had two designers. The other designer was in charge of wireframing whereas I was responsible for the UI visual design in advance. Therefore, I took a detour from user interface design and focused on visual design for the UI and corporate.

The wireframes for the Penmark application

Visual Identity

The main product of Penmark is nothing but the mobile application, so I started making visual identity for it and trying to expand it for the corporate later. Penmark is for students, which led to my first thought on how that is translated to the look, and I set three key phrases that explore the visual identity.

The three propositions for the new visual concept for Penmark

After a couple of iterations with the team and client, I concluded it with the final concept for the visual design, which states that Penmark is the virtual campus where students are allowed to safely build their own communities just like a physical college campus. We picked green as the key color that symbolizes the safe and lively place.

The completed visual concept

User Interface

Penmark is developed in Flutter. Therefore, from the beginning, we planned to build a common user interface for iOS and Android. Since the number of screens before the renewal exceeded 500, another designer was in charge of defining screen transitions and interactions, and I was in charge of adapting the visual design.

The Figma for Penmark

The Logo

Designing a logo for Penmark was never easy. Many logo concepts were created to find a logo that would incorporate the visual concepts defined above while ensuring visibility in both the mobile application and the company logo. We also created the logo with the goal of combining a slightly more mature simplicity for college students with a fun student feel.

The sketch for the Penmark logo

And the next image is the completed logo of Penmark. The basic shape is shaped like the initial P. The curvature was intended to be neither too square nor too round, expressing the position of a college student who is neither an independent adult nor a child. And the shape of the base represents the unity of the campus, and the descender of the P represents the nib.

The completed logo of Penmark

Once the logo was created, we created and provided logo guidelines to ensure that Penmark could grow while maintaining its brand.

The logo guideline of Penmark


Penmark was a fairly fast-paced project that went from planning to implementation to release in four months. In order to maintain the quality of the UI and visual identity in this environment, we had to work as a team. The plan was very successful and we were able to present the client with high quality from information design to visual design.

The user interfaces of Penmark

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